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independent insurance consulting

Health Insurance


We shop across dozens of insurance companies and products to find the solution for you.

peace of mind

Your Health, Covered.

Gain the peace of mind of a protected family, home, and self. Health is unpredictable and can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and financial expenditures. In case of a serious accident or illness, the proper coverage can protect you from unexpected costs and high financial loss.

The insurance industry is always changing but with the help of our experts, we find opportunities from companies and products that are the solution you need.



our mission: better coverage, lower premiums

Getting The Most Of Your Health Insurance

Ascent Wealth Management offers independent insurance consulting with a mission to reduce your premiums and find you a matched sum of insurance or even more.

We help you eliminate any surprise or reoccurring prescription or preventative care costs. Learn what options are best for you and your unique needs based on your current financial situation.

Meet with one of our consultants and take the next step towards health and financial security.