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401(k) Planning


You worked hard for your money. Now it’s time to engage AWM to make sure your money works hard for you.

401K Planning

Your Retirement Matters

The 401K retirement plan is a common retirement plan and it allows employees to contribute a portion of their wages to individual accounts.  The 401K is common but it is very complex and you need someone who specializes in 401K’s to make sure you don’t get yourself in trouble with the Departments of Labor or the IRS. 

401k Planning

Specialists At Your Service

Company retirement plans are our specialty.  Many business owners have a friend who is a stock broker but very few have a retirement plan advisor that is a specialist in company retirement plans and specifically 401K plans. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is a great phrase when it comes to retirement plans.  Do you know what your fiduciary liability and requirements are, or do you have an IPS, a retirement plan committee, a firm understanding of all your plan expenses and are you ready to defend your plans positions to a potential audit?  Do you have a consistent and documented employee education process? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need to call AWM to learn about how we assist in all these requirements and more.