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Quick reference for your frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a fiduciary?

“YES” The duty of a fiduciary financial advisor is to hold their clients’ trust by making decisions in their clients’ best interests. The importance of fiduciary duty lies in the confidence it provides a client so they don’t have to second-guess the motive for the advice they’re given.


Do you get paid commissions?

“We are what’s known as a hybrid advisor so we are able to be compensated on a commission or a fee for service basis”.  Typically our clients pay a fee for service which means there are no commissions however in certain circumstances that may not be the best solution and in those cases we disclose the compensation structure. 


Do your clients have online access to their account information?

“Yes, we have an online tool and phone application that provides access to your accounts, account statements and tax records. and also a phone application”


Do you have a minimum account size?

“No, regardless of the size of an investors account, we recognize that the dollars that are invested with us are as important to the large investor as they are the small investor.” 


What is your service model?

Service model depends on the type and size of relationships.


Are you independent?

“YES” An Independent Financial Advisor is not tied to the proprietary products of one firm.


Doesn’t the idea of earning a commission conflict with being a fiduciary?

“It doesn’t have to.  There are many different types of scenarios where a commission transaction is actually in an investor’s best interest” 


Do you give tax advice?

“Unfortunately, we are not authorized to give our clients tax advice.  That being said, we are always conscious of the tax implications of the decisions and advice we give our clients.”


What is your investment philosophy?

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. 


What are your qualifications and experience?

Eric Wilby has received the AIF designation as an accredited investment fiduciary and has 20 years of experience that ranges from working at the large corporate investment firm of Merrill Lynch to working at a small family owned practice to now managing his own firm.