Retirement Plans

Creating a work environment that shows employees how much you care about their well-being is a critical part of the daily responsibilities for any successful business owner. Offering a retirement plan can go a long way towards achieving that goal. The advisors at Ascent Wealth Management have more than 70 years of combined experience working in the investment world and specialize in employer sponsored plans. As an independent investment firm, we have the freedom to select among an expansive amount of investment vehicles to find the ones that are suitable for your business’ needs. We make certain that your qualified retirement plans are appropriately allocated so that your employees savings can work as hard for them as they have worked for you. Our conscientious advice can help you to navigate an ever-changing market as well as the legal hazards that are a part of today’s litigious society. The needs of every business are different so please contact our office to schedule an interview and we can begin working together towards your goals.

  • 401(k) Plans

    The most common retirement plan, a 401(k) allows employees to contribute a portion of their wages to individual accounts.

    Additional offerings:

    Solo 401(k)s

    Safe Harbor 401(k)s

  • SIMPLE IRA Plans

    A Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employees gives both employers and employees the option to contribute to traditional IRAs set up for employees. It is ideally set up for small employers who do not currently have a retirement plan.

  • SEP IRA Plans

    A Simplified Employee Pension plan gives business owners a simpler way to contribute not only to their employee’s retirement plans but also their own. Contributions are made to an Individual Retirement Account created for each participant (SEP-IRA) and follows the same investment, distribution, and rollover rules as traditional IRAs.

  • Pension Plans

    Pensions can also be known as Defined Benefit plans and are not commonly used in today’s market.  The pension plan sponsor, or your employer, oversees the investment management and guarantees a certain amount of income when you retire.  Not only can we support your business in the installation or management of a pension but we can also support your organization in the liquidation or wind down of a pension.

Cash Management

We find that businesses frequently accrue significant amounts of capital in their cash accounts that do not produce meaningful returns. At Ascent Wealth Management, our strategies put your capital to work, seeking to yield returns in a tax-sensitive manner. Please contact our team to learn if we can help you with your business’ cash management needs.

We believe your money should work as hard for you as you worked for your money.

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